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Remembered Classmates, Carlmont Class of 1958


Please help us honor and remember our classmates who have passed on.

Let's keep them alive in fond memories of our youth. May they be forever young in our hearts.

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We have made every effort to verify these names, If you find any errors or omissions, please email for corrections. Thanks

Last Name (School) First Name Married Name
Allen James V.  
Audley Peter A.  
Bacon Paula Robinson
Banta J. Chet  
Bamburg Derrel Gene  
Barbieri Richard  
Bartlett Forrest Jr  
Bayona Lynn T.  
Becker Margaret A. Odlin
Bedford Dianne C. Pedro
Brady Richard L.  
Bush James  
Clements Linda    
Coulter Donald  
Darling Richard W.  
Davenport Stewart  
Nager Stephanie Dove
Fitzgerald Gail Roberta Griffith
Flemming Nancy  
Granville Joseph W.  
Greenlee Clifford A.  
Griffith James W.  
Halladay Jim Austin  
Harrison Pat A Farnese
Harrington Frank  
Heastrup Jed Christian  
Heller Paul F.  
Hoerler Edward T.  
Hunt Lynne Helstrup
Johnson Judy  
McCain Karen Patterson
Larrecou John ( Jack )  
Lawrence Martha J.  
Leando Robert  
Leyrer Marilynn J. De Siena
Lusey Michael K.  
Martin James M  
Mason Robert  
Mattson Kenneth  
Maccaulay Dennis  
McIntyre Richard B  
McInerney John (Jack)  
McPherson James B  
Merritt Robert  
Moray William (Bill)  
Nigro Nancy J Peugh
Nolan Dave  
Okey Lewis McCoy  
O'Neill Jack  
Patterson Louise  
Pellny Dirk  
Ralya Carol Jo Mason
Reese Jane  
Rhodes Betsy L. Brown
Rinaldi I. B.  
Ronberg Phillip  
Roundtree Alice Steele
Safirstein Mike  
Schaffer Allan L  
Small Jon  
Smith Edward  
Stauffer Mildred  
Stevens Claudia  
Stevenson Patricia L. Skinner
Stewart Judie E  
Struck Aaron E  
Thornton Karen Lee Franklin
Tonkin Lester  
Trekell Howard  
Urmini Ron  
Valentine Ken  
Venable Charles (Chuck)  
Vinal Eugene  
Vitorelo Richard  
Voto Reginald  
Waldier Bruce  
Waller Don  
Windham Craig  
Wright Letha  
Zeh Virginia Thomas
Zeibak Joyce    


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