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Missing / hard to find Carlmont High School Classmate


Help us find these schoolmates. We don't have Addresses, Email's or Phones for any of these. If you have any of this information, please drop an email to with as much as you are sure of. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this a great reunion.

Last updated 4/09/14

Badding Patsy Lovely   missing
Ball Deane Reed   Missing
Batchelder Pennelope Schneider   missing
Bello Joan M.     missing
Bishop Susan R.     missing
Coffer Nancy L. Guante   missing
Conboy Diane     missing
Cook Julianne Dahl   missing
Corbett Nancy L.  Dickson David P Missing
Couch Jerry L.     missing
Cutler Art     missing
Darnell Michael  G   Kathie Missing
Dillinger Judith A.     missing
Downey Georgina L.     missing
Ernest Penny     missing
Friedell Jean T. Graves   Missing
Gillespie June Gayle Konopka   missing
Hirscher Donna L. Wilson   missing
Keeton Carol     missing
Lannin Virginia F. Gardner   missing
Malacrida Carmelina     missing
Moyer R Joanne     missing
Mumbower Sharon     missing
O'Brien Tim F     missing
Osborn Pat     missing
Overdevest Cornelia H     missing
Richmond Beverly G Robertson   missing
Steele Linda     missing
Stone Charles N     missing
Sturges Larry      missing
Teigeler Betty     missing
Tolley Joanne   Fleming   missing
Tomlin Judy D     missing
DeRitis Linda A. Gatto Frank Missing 
Stevens Claudia Street   Missing 


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