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The reunion committee: Mike Mathews and Dennis Trimble with assistance by Ed Hannibal. Bob Griffith,and Darlene (Baker) Turturici.

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September 23, 2007

2017 Events:

Carlmont Coffee's - 2017

Saturday's at Boulangier in San Carlos on 622 Laurel St,

    -August 12th, 2017 ..............from 2pm to 4pm

    April of 2016 Carlmont Coffee meetting
    Carlmont Cofffee


Check out Darlene's Recent Encounter With Frank Frissella

Link to Excel Spreadsheet with alumni information

User ID is: carlmont (no caps) and PASSWORD is: scots (no caps)

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Link to ALUMNI Photos (pictures sent in by Alumni)

50th Cocktail Party Photos (from Darlene)

50th Reunion Dinner Photos (from Darlene)

50th Sunday Brunch Photos (from Darlene)

50th Reunion Weekend Photos (from Gail)

50th Photos of Carlmont and Reunion (From Wes Harrison)


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